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Bedtime Stories – Little Girl And Mushroom

Bedtime Stories – Once upon a time, two sisters lived in a village. The younger sister could hear less in her ear. One fine summer morning, both sisters went out to sell mushrooms.

A heavy basket full of mushrooms was at his house. Both the sisters used to sing songs and play with each other on the way. Soon they both reached the same place.

Where they had to cross a railway line. He did not think twice to cross the railway line. Because, no train was coming. And no whistle was heard.

Both sisters climbed the embankment slowly, to cross the line. Taking care that the baskets do not fall. Bey both were near the line and the younger sister was ahead of the elder sister.

When he heard the different city of a train. So the elder sister panicked and ran back to the back. He thought that the younger sister was following him.

He looked back, his younger sister still crossing the line. She was shocked to see this. He shouted, “Come back here, run back quickly.”

It seems, that the younger sister could not hear his voice. She was still doing it on the railway line, concentrating in the basket with her little feet.

Then, her foot slipped and the mushroom fell on the railway line all around. The younger sister sat on the line and picked up mushrooms one by one and kept them in her basket.

Seeing him, the elder sister got very nervous. He cried and cried, calling his younger sister to leave the mushroom and come back. But it seemed that the little one could not hear him.

The engine driver got nervous seeing the girl. And played the city with all his might. But, the girl could not hear the city. Her elder sister was crying a lot now.

Because, the younger sister was still in the middle of the railway line. To pick up the remaining mushrooms. The engine driver was helpless as it was not possible for him to stop the engine suddenly.

He played City as much as he could. But the engine rolled over on the little girl. The elder sister grabbed her face with both hands and started crying loudly.

When the train passed, the elder sister saw her lying in the middle of the line with baskets. Then he raised his head and began to collect the mushrooms beyond the rest.

Then the elder sister ran towards him. Tears welled up from his face. He hugged the sister and kissed each other. Both were crying with joy. Never before were the two happily together as they were then.

She promised her younger sister that from then onwards she would always hold her hand tightly while crossing the railway line. Then, both the sisters picked up the baby mushrooms and went back home.

Bedtime stories for kids.

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