House of the Dragon

On “House Of The Dragon” HBO spent over $100 for marketing.

Before the introduction of Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon, the series has left on HBO’s most critical showing spending gorge.

HBO spent more than $100 million spend on the promoting effort for “House of the Dragon”, with the majority of that cash comprised of a blend of advertisement spot esteem and genuine money.

HBO Originals Marketing EVP Pia Barlow said the focal point of the organization’s promoting effort was to “move both new and existing fans.”

“The House of the Dragon lobby is truly about making large, boundless mindfulness and interest over the mid-year, but at the same time it’s ensuring we’re motioning toward existing fans as well as new fans that this is another the narrative of Game of Thrones is coming to HBO Max,” Barlow said.

Recently, David Zaslav, President and CEO of Warner Bros. Revelation, complimented his group in front of the debut of House of the Dragon.

“House of the Dragon”. Wait is over.

“We contacted around 130 million individuals in the U.S. alone,” Zaslav wrote in an email from The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s likewise been energizing to see groups at the organization working intimately with the HBO group in what has been an exceptional cross-limited time crusade. Furthermore, we’ve done this in only a couple of months, obviously showing what we’ve accomplished.” when our organizations, streaming stages, computerized and social directs all work by and large on the side of a common need. We can truly make at least some difference, and I can hardly hold back to see what we do. What do we do on future missions when we take complete reach and make the most of the special open doors we have?

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